In This Existence…

“We know what we are for and how we became so informed. Bodies of info perfoming such miracles. I am a
miracle made up of particles.
And in this existence. I’ll stay persistent. And I’ll make a difference. And I will have lived it.”
Nahko and the Medicine People

It has been two months since I left Australia for the USA. I left with the aim to create what ideas I had in my head into my reality, and so far I have done myself proud.
Though it most definitely would not have been possible without some of the incredible human beings I have met along the way.
Yes, it has only been two months but I already feel more humble, excited, rejuvenated and inspired than ever before.
Every day is different and holds obstacles, just like it does for every one in this world.
But I am grateful for each obstacle, each set back, and each glistening moment be it good or bad or in between.
I am so thankful for what I am experiencing, who I am meeting and what I am seeing.
This video is a short film, a glimpse at what I have encountered since I touched down in the USA, and made my way hitch hiking through 5 states, and finally giving in to public transportation as I enter into Mexico.
What is to come? I have no idea, and I love that.
Money is just an object, an obstacle.
I will continue on learning through self experience and gaining knowledge from each person I meet.
I would like to thank all you insane beings that have made this trip so far completely surreal and mesmerising.

Hope you like the video!
Adios for now from Mexico!

PS. I am no film maker, and the laptop I am using may as well be a pile of rocks so excuse the editing!
PPS. I cannot figure out how to post the youtube video directly on this post, so below is a link to the video.


In this existence…

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”
Meister Eckhart


One thought on “In This Existence…

  1. Wow nat amazing stuff!!! Keep up the short films I’m loving it and allows mona to have that connection with her indigo fairy !!
    You ask what is magic? Magical moments occur in our lives when we are open to them and believe, believe, believe!!
    I had ago all encounter yesterday when a guy I never met before in my life appeared at my front door step with a whole portfolio of photos of ships in Taos where you had just been!! He himself having just sold his biodynamic sustainable living farm in Canberra having woofers stay help on his farm!! He went over to Taos (however you spell it) to study with the architect who builds the ships out of mud and assisted in building them!! That freaked me out with your connection there and I got to see all these maxing photos of ships and were you been!! Now that’s magic!!!!


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