Journal Entries

Today, I had a mild panic attack. They come to us all, sometimes when we least expect it. My day was filled with over exaggerated smiles and love. Each day I usually have to take a minute to collect myself and to truly accept and appreciate the love I am constantly surrounded and immersed in. … More Journal Entries

5 Reasons To Jump In The Ocean Even in a European Winter

Growing up from an infant to a teenager on the Northern Beaches of Australia, my backyard was just minutes away from the sand and salt water. In the midst of my high school, as a 16 year old with freshly divorced parents, my mother decided to bid the rapidly growing yet still totally relaxing lifestyle … More 5 Reasons To Jump In The Ocean Even in a European Winter

Following The Sun

Four days ago I found myself in a small town in Germany, my toes were numb from the winter wind that strikes through to your very core, and my soul was some what flattened. I had just spent two amazing weeks in Berlin with old friends whom I met in San Francisco when I was … More Following The Sun

Whoops I…

I wanted to fly a little. “Flow deep into the winter wonderland” they said, “It’s almost as if your versatile soaring!”. One, two, three, let it go. Floors and doors and ghosts in the smoke. I catch a fire fly in my hand, I open it up as it turns into sand The sand spreads … More Whoops I…