We are Earth’s Children

Happy Earth day Earthlings from Rishikesh.

  A butterfly (or in my eyes a fairy) putting on a show in her natural surroundings of her home by her waterfall.

I thought I would take this day in Rishikesh to write to you about Earths children.

Let me tell you about a book that changed my life. A book that, like no other I have read, has resonated completely and whole with me since I opened up its tattered used pages and read the first lines that swam off of the paper and into my head. 

These books came to me at a time in my life where I had been drastically changing for about a year, getting back to Mother Nature, to natural foods, remedies and a natural lifestyle. So to me, it came at the perfect time.

The book (or books) is a series written by Jean M Auel. An American super women, who has studied anthropology and sciences that gave her the knowledge to write a fictional phenomomen that has changed the world to all those who have read them. The series is known as “Earths children”.

The first book in this series is “The Clan of the Cave Bear”. Perhaps you have heard of it. 

It is set in pre-historic times. It follows the story of a small human girl who, whilst out playing by herself, gets caught in a earth quake. She wakes up alone and when the darling little lady calls out for her Mama, for those from her clan, and hears no response, she gets up and starts to walk. She walks and walks until hunger and exhaustion takes over and she is too tired to go on. 

And so starts the story of Ayla at just 5 years of age. 

She is discovered by a group of Neanderthals who are searching for a new cave to live in, as their home also got destroyed by the devastating earth quake. Against all odds, a maternal women, with high status refuses to leave the poor child behind, even though humans and Neanderthals are arch enemies, and so a new clan takes in a baby cub.

The series continues throughout Aylas life time. From 5 years old and up. I have just finished book three of a series of five, and boy am I hooked.

You start to relate to the characters as you grow with them, and start to learn and understand more of their world around them, as well as the world around yourself. Reading a book based back in prehistoric times makes your realise that we once were nothing but us and the Earth… How times have changed. 

Ayla is resented by some in her Neanderthal clan, as she is an outcast, an animal, too different and dumb to learn anything or be of any use to them. 

But Ayla is strong, smart and capable and as the series continues and her character grows you start to wonder, how it is we came from being completely abundant and happy with a life of simplistic matter and a constant world that revolved on maintaining and surviving, where with each day we go by the sun and the moon, by the seasons, that we have come to what our society is now known by. 

The Trumps of the world, the corrupt governments. 

When once days were not numbered and hours pass by communally instead of by sitting on a iPhone, at what point did we switch. 

Ayla is unlike those in her clan. Neanderthals and humans, in this fictional story, are quite different in the structure of their lifestyles. 

Humans for instance, live a bit more “freely”. When you get to the second and third book and you learn ways of the humans back in prehistoriric times, you can see how much better Ayla fits in with her own people. Though she is loved deeply by most of her Neanderthal clan, and she loves (most) of them back, she rebels against their concepts, their ideas. As a women, she chooses to be more free, and believes in equality that the Neanderthals don’t even see.

A women of constant rebel, that strives for an equal lifestyle between the men in her clan, and herself, and her love for learning about natural medicines and nurturing those in need, I quickly responded to Aylas character and continue to see myself in her.

On this most powerful Earth day, whilst I experience a different culture and their different ways with women, with children, with food, with lifestyle. I can’t help but to think that perhaps we were all better of in Aylas lifetime. As a part of her world, her story. 

Whilst I love my life, and all the modern things that come with it, I also love reading Auel’s words that take me, so vibrantly to another place. 

I read a quote the other day, source Unknown, that stated; “In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act”.

I read this and thought of Ayla, of myself, and of all those magical people in my life I know, that also strive to differ from societies irrational standards. 

Our society has become so prime, so dominating. Where even something as natural as being naked comes with sexual misconception, self doubt, and ridicule. 

I for one think we could all learn something from Ayla; a women who swims naked by the waters way with no negative self conscious thoughts is what every women should feel. A women who catches and caters all food for herself, with no reliance on any other being, is something we could all strive to be. A women who nurtures all children, who cradles them and heals them with a holistic approach… Where are all the Aylas of our world?! I know they are here, quietly gaining strength and changing their worlds and those who enter them one footstep at a time.

In the Earths Children’s third book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’, there is a quote in which Auel describes a feeling Ayla has; “There were no words adequate to describe it; overwhelming had no meaning beside it’s magnificence, it’s grandeur power.”

Ayla and I have felt the same thing, while this quote describes a moment in her life, it also describes a moment, or a series of moments in mine; moments so spectacular from reading these books. From exploring in nature. From loving the love of my life. From creating a world of my own that I choose to live in. From differing any self doubt and creating self love.

Jean M Auel, you are a genius, thank you for your words, your stories. They have influenced me so deeply that one day I hope to create words so powerful, characters so wonderful, that others will read them, and feel even just for a second what I have felt through Earths Children.

We all are Earths Children, it may just be, that sometimes we need a reminder.

We should never be afraid to be feel free, naked, and overly exposed to our enhancing environment. 

 Naked as we came. If I was Ayla I would choose this field to live in, running around free. 


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