My name is Natalie. I reside in sunny Aus, were the climate permits for no pants most of the year.
I like to write. Mostly about my travel adventures, but sometimes other inspiring edibles and life moments sneak their way into this blog. I hope to inspire you with some of what inspires me through out this journey of ours.

What’s with the nudie name, you ask?
Let thy lives be nudie-filled, for all of us in every sense!
We came into this world wearing our birthday suits, a world where our vegetables were free from harm in their natural form. But we have found ways to violate ourselves, our soil, our land, with things like pesticides and make-up; aiming to perfect what is already true to perfection.

Stripped back we can free ourselves from societies over-indulgent demands.

Luckily, my partner Zac shares these same views.
The two of us met in a little country town in Western Australia’s South-West and the rest as they say is history.
Together, amongst a full moon alongside India’s most sacred river, we created a new beginning.


This new beginning; our beautiful baby boy, Tallow Daniel Moon.
Tallow is now of course our endless journey.
And what a beautiful journey this is.

Motherhood, fatherhood, livelihood.

Together we will continue to live our lives in a simplistic manner, offering and searching for guidance and creating a space for our gorgeous baby to bloom and grow in.
Living in a world WE choose to create… Hopefully a lot of the time with sandy toes and bare bottoms.

Who’s with me?

*Currently resideing in Fremantle, WA, soon to set off on a journey across Australia.

You can also find me on Instagram


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Omg! This is so inspiring! Wanderlust is my favorite word ever. I can’t wait to travel and discover the world, your life seems amazing! I will be following your blog and instagram to keep up with the updates and hopefully soon enough it will be me traveling. xx


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